Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's September 14th

And I feel like writing a blog post.

I also feel like curling up under a blanket with a glass of wine and a nice book (or in the case of this evening, the latest episode of Mad Men).

But first, where the hell have we been? It's been nearly a month since the last time I updated you on the goings on of Our Dear Mutt, and that sad fact makes my bones hurt.
A Surgeon I am not...
Well, here's your update- my hand in a terrarium. Yessuh. We've gotten our hands on something like seventy-five glass globes that we're filling with ideal office environments for our international friends RJohnson (you should re-click that link in a week or so for some terrific terrariupdates, not the smoothest but tee-hee).

In just four days time a few of us Mutts are heading to Vancouver for the weekend to plant (PUN!) these beasts (NOT A PUN!) in the heart of Vancouver's business district. For those of you following Mutt in the friendliest third of North America, here's a little map to help you flourish.