Monday, April 25, 2011

Growth Spurts

Happy Mondays folks! This is kind of an awkward subject to bring up because it's not exactly current. But I have been meaning to mention it, so here it goes...

Mutt's been going through some growth spurts lately- spaces, faces and cosmetic surgery. Once the paint dries and the sawdust is swept we'll take some stellar photos to share. For now though, I'd like to introduce you to the new faces here at Mutt in a little series called, "Be The Best." Here's installment number one...
Chris Lawson, Producer.

Mutt: Would you rather have the ability to see through walls, or the ability to unlock any door? 

CL: See through walls.

Mutt: Where are you from? 

CL:  I was born in Reno, Nevada, but moved around a lot: Chicago, Dayton, Cincinnati, San Diego, then back to Fernley, NV. Fortunately, my father took over the parenting roll when I was 13 and I was shipped to the the NW, where I spent the remainder of my formative years. 

Mutt: Best Job (besides Mutt, of course)? 

CL:  Freelance Production Manager. There's always a new challenge.

Mutt: Top 5 most played songs in your iTunes? 

CL: My work computer isn't a good representation. If it was accurate I would guess it would be one of my many favorite bands: pixies, xtc, nick drake, the clash, elbow.

Mutt: Aside from any family members, who inspires you the most? 

CL: My friends who are small business owners and artist who have the courage and vision to create and produce work independently.

Mutt: If you could grab a cocktail with anyone (living or dead) who would it be? Where would you go? And what would you order? 

CL: This is a hard one. I guess I would say Antoni Gaudí. If he wasnʼt available I would love to get a drink with Picasso. I would order whatever they were having.

Chris Lawson, ladies and gentlemen...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Love Hurts

I've gone through just about all of the stages of grieving since opening this post page. And I'm still hurt, especially my strawberry tart

Let me fill the rest of you in. Today was D.Webb's last day with us (Mutt's).

I never know if I should write for everyone else in the office but this one's easy. I'm pretty sure about fifteen of us are right now, at this moment, weeping. Sixteen if you count Mona's howls. This is the face of devastation... Even those of us who are just finally getting to know the Man  the Myth  The Legend, are feeling a little hole swelling up inside.

Okay, I'm crying.

Damien was kind of a big deal. He's a killer designer, a stand-up guy and great friend. And he's English (which finally makes that strawberry tart joke funny). Plus he has two motorcycles. Let's be honest, he's totally cool. Which is only salt to the Loss Wound. 

But I've reached Level Five: Acceptance now and I just figured it out. Mutt's a family, and that bond lasts forever and, perhaps most logically, you've got an iPhone. 

I'm sad. We all are. But I'll be sending you iChats just as often.

Love you. Miss you. 

Please Come Back...