Friday, May 28, 2010

Signal Snowboards

Hey friends, I've got some more stellar news. We've got another new project in the works, this one is for our new best friends, Signal Snowboards. A special thanks to our long-time friend Sean Donnell for the introduction and creative help.

But wait Z, who is Signal? I'm really glad you asked. So back in 2004 snowboard legend Dave Lee decided it was time to bring snowboarding back to its roots- something pure and special. In his eyes snowboarding doesn't have to be everything for everybody. And thus began the life of this small california-based boutique-style shop.

Something we're especially proud of is Dave and Signals dedication to the sport. They've built an incredibly strong community of like-minded riders under the umbrella idea of, "Do what you love and the rest will follow."

Preach! And Signal hand-crafts their boards in sunny California and that makes them one of only a handful of companies still producing American-made products. How cool.

Plus their boards are revered in the snowboarding community. Take their omni technology, for example. It merges the classic camber style (sort of a w shape, raised edges, contact points at your feet with a bit of lift in between them) and rocker style (basically a wide u, with minimal contact in the center) to make a stellar new ride for snowboarders. Checkity, check it out.

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