Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Guess This is Goodbye - The Wake Continues

The John Deere Plow Company made tractors in our office.

As always, my spiritual guide and on-again off-again pilates instructor, Scott Cromer, was a stride ahead of me and stole my story.

Let me reiterate his sentiment. Mutt Industries is in mourning today.

The very proud symbol that has guided lost (and overburdened) souls to the Mutt den for our lifetime (and plenty others years before our existence) has officially been lost. Unabashedly washed away by men in white.

We had concerns months ago with the installation of The Mini Strip along the East wall. I imagine we all privately recognized the addition wasn't on the part of the PSC trying to boost it's street cred. Although, for a while you'd have fooled me. It was glorious while it lasted- have you ever seen such amazing big type?

I'm making an effort to be less precious these days, but give me this one. There's something sentimental being destroyed here. I'm disappointed.

I suppose our wildest childhood fantasies have been sort of fulfilled- we're sponsored.

Give us a hand in welcoming your Mutt Industries home to the the Alaskan Airlines Nonstop-To-Who-The-Hell-Cares Building.

I wonder if we can buy Clear Channel out...

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Micsonoran said...

Hey even thought I fly HI they could have at lest ask you'ns to do the score. Maybe if I mention the wall they'll give me MUTT rate?