Thursday, July 30, 2009

Buenas Tardes Tamales.

If I hear one more person complain about the heat I'm gonna go Mt. St. Helen's and spray a couple million tons of lava all over the greater Portland area. Come on people, enlighten up. There are so many interesting things to discuss right now. Health care, Sotomayor, George Clooney's new girlfriend, the dude in South Carolina who made love to a cow (twice). Hmm, come to think of it maybe the weather is more interesting. Let me be clear about something--I grew up in the belly of the Ohio River Valley so this shit ain't nothing. And I've been dealing with heat related injuries since my mom stranded me at the beach and the sun scorched my infant skin a neon red. All that aside, this heat wave is starting to get silly. My hipster t-shirt is leaking like a hose right now, spraying bodily fluids all over the office and highlighting my various fat parts (especially around the waist and chest). And I've lost my will to write, create, organize and breathe. So I think I might just call it a day. Hasta manana.


megan pants said...

I too find that the heat wave makes me more conscience of my fat rolls. Every piece of skin that has to touch another piece of skin is a danger zone for wet, pit-out-status sweat.

Anonymous said...

it's Aug. 12th. don't you post anymore? i love reading...bring it on!