Friday, June 26, 2009

We have only begun to fight!

Some of our 42 readers have been wondering, why did Scotty McLuker go dark in May? Did Mike get pregnant? Was Nick arrested again? Did Steve go on a Mormon mission? Unfortunately the answer to these questions is “no”. What we were doing friends was pitching the Gap. And damn if we didn’t almost win the thing. For those of you keeping score, Mutt went up against 12 heavyweight agencies and made it to the final two. As fate would have it, Gap went with the other agency (which obviously left us gutted). But now that some time has passed, and the weight of countless all-nighters has lifted, I must say it was a pretty impressive accomplishment for our new shop. Here’s to my partners and to all the wonderfully talented mates who pitched in over the last four weeks. Tomorrow we ride again!

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rob said...

damn it! please continue to kick and scream!