Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go Iran!

Americans are notorious for being close-minded, xenophobic and lazy, especially in matters of politics. I, for one, refuse to live up to this stereotype. To demonstrate my concern for the larger world, I recently left an inspiring post on Hossein Mousavi’s Facebook page (the guy who just got jobbed in the Iranian election). My intent was to let him and millions of other Iranians know that Mutt respects their courage and tenacity. Unfortunately I was basically told to “fuck off” for being an American (not sure how they deduced that). Though virtually every response to our post was a venom-laced attack on America, we're feeling pretty about our first outreach to Iran.

PS— Can someone please tell me how to say, "Ahmadinejad".


Robert said...

Actually, my oldest son can tell you how to pronounce
Ahk-mah-dinah-shahd. He has several friends that currently live in Iran and has been studying Farsi for the past three years, in preparation for a tour in the U.S. Marines. He receives almost daily updates on the conditions there (when they have internet and cell service). It's BAD! Much worse than our media is reporting. I do admire that you actually stood up and showed your support for Moo-sow-vee. Never forget, however much others may hate us (Americans) we will still come to their aid when called-it's just what we do.

Ulysses said...

Why is it that no matter what you say, it comes off like you're being a dick?

Mutt said...

man, it's gone from bad to worse. that video of the young woman being shot to death by the basij just breaks my heart. so incredibly sad. thanks for the comment Robert.

ulysses, nice language.