Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't read this...

If you missed the season finale of LOST. Holy crap, where do I start? Hydrogen bombs. Egyptian statues (of crocodiles in miniskirts). Demonic possession. Good versus Evil. Cain and Able. I know people who gush about LOST can be annoying as hell. But I just can't help myself right now. It's the most brilliant television show ever created. Yes, there are moments of sap, sci-fi and bad acting. But conceptually LOST has no rival. I often fantasize about being on the island. You know, chilling with the survivors, kicking some Dharma ass and getting drunk with Sayeed as he jams bamboo shoots in my fingernails. Mostly I just like the guns and blood. It reminds me of my gang infested 'hood in Ohio, except with lots of ferns. When LOST ends next year I'm sure to fall into a deep, dark depression. Strip away all the death and destruction, and it just seems so perfect there. Honestly all I want out of life sometimes is a banana shack in Hanalei (and maybe a fully loaded glock).

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