Friday, May 15, 2009


Lots to report my fury friends. For those of you crazy enough to apply for an internship at Mutt, please know that we'll be reviewing books at the end of this month. Expect a final decision by the second week of June (or several months later). We've received quite a few books (thanks), so in the words of my little league coach "the competition's gonna be pretty durn fierce." If you're really feeling Mutt, then I'd recommend throwing a little graft our way. Just kidding. Or am I?
Next Thursday we're flying to Dallas for our first creative presentation to Paciugo. I shared our strategy on Wednesday, which went really well. Unfortunately Mike and Steve were quite upset after the meeting. Not because they didn't see the brilliance in my work. But because it's become Mutt tradition to hate on your partner when he does something really well. I, for one, am all for it. I'm about as jealous and shallow as it gets. Next Friday, when we rock the creative presentation, I'll be the angriest guy in the room.


Anonymous said...

on an entirely unrelated note..I just killed a opossum. with my bare hands. just occurred to me. I hope your clients do not have access to comments on your blog.

PS. come back home-we miss you

Your Home-Town Pal,


Mutt said...

i'm proud of you Lester. glad to see you haven't lost your roots. as for the clients, they need to know the real keep it coming brother. just don't bring up that story about the mysterious guest who hit on Todd that one night.