Monday, June 14, 2010


A little back story on the principle namesake of Mutt Industries- Mona. She may, every now and again, and really only occasionally, be a bit territorial. Thus you don't hear more about our visits from Monsieur De Raphael. It's simple, she's the dominant canine in the den, and we're all well aware of her position. Right, and she loves bones.

See where this is going? Today's Heros and recent Mutt favorites D-Webb and Beauvais stopped by the local grocer this morning to grab the office some delicious breakfast foods and happened to notice the butcher had a feast of scrap bones for dogs to enjoy. Naturally the two, eager to please her Highness, picked her up a chunk. While doing so they noticed a sign surrounded by heaps of dog photos that spoke of a free bone with photographic proof of a previous purchase. The two relayed this message upon arrival back at Mutt HQ and Mike began snapping photos.

I decided it was time I beefed up my AD portfolio and started telling Mona what to do. Sit. Try this. Rollover. Pretty simple stuff, but she wasn't impressed. Instead she ignored me and remained focused on her bone (see picture above). I thought we get "cuter" with it so I went in to move her and set her up right and hazah, she removes her three short lines of ancestry and becomes straight up wolf.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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Bem said...

I can't tell...which picture is Mona?

Guys, what's up with not posting some of the work that you guys have done? I'm anxious to see.