Tuesday, October 19, 2010

America ♥s Automobiles

Yesterday Ad Age named Ford Motor Company Marketer Of The Year for 2010. I say this because I'd also like to mention that we here at Mutt have been involved in a pretty stellar collaboration with Team Detroit over the past year. 

It all started a little over a year ago when Team Detroit's ECD, Toby Barlow, asked Mutt to help collaborate on the all new Ford Fiesta project. 

Actually, the story really started the summer prior to this, when I picked up a promising looking book (read: cool cover) titled Sharp Teeth by some advertising guy. Turns out that advertising guy was this Toby Barlow. Talk about a small world. And for the record, the book was good, it's about werewolves in LA. 

So fast forward past that summer's read and cut-to all of us Mutt's feverishly writing "Big" launch spots for the not-so-big Ford Fiesta. Concepts, scripts, storyboards and several presentations later and the Ford Fiesta became a pretty big deal.

Then Team Detroit went silent for about six months until a few months ago when they approached us for another job. This time we'd be helping not only to concept but also produce spots for the 2011 Ford Explorer. We're well into the process and can't wait to show you what we're working on (mostly I don't know what I can and cannot show you right now).

Until then, we'd like to give big ups to big man Ford Motors for the Marketer of the Year award and we hope 2011 is equally successful. 

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