Monday, October 18, 2010

I Love My Ducks

It's true, I went to Oregon, and as a result I'm one of those occasionally obnoxious Ducks fans you can hear screaming "O" from down the street. Or in the booth right next to yours. 

So as the Ducks relaxed in their sheepskin slippers and watched the Buckeyes crumble, I was in the snow-capped mountains of Baker National Park sporting my t-shirt while I entered one of the deepest meditations of my life. 

Mid-way through the meditation my spirit animal came to me and dropped some knowledge. Over the course of the night we sipped whiskey, watched the stars and kept ourselves warm with a pushup contest (he won). Just before he left, he saved my life from a cougar that found itself a little too far north...
My Spirit Animal is a Bad Ass.
Now, after the weekend away from it all, we can all celebrate our newfound position as the most dominant team in College Football. Yes, Oregon is number one, and that means everyone else is going to come hating (including the BCS computers). Haters love to hate, but I myself am more of a lover. And my oh my do I love my Ducks.

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rachael said...

so good to see you showing some love to the ducks. let it be known that the ducks--especially those of us in the jschool--love us some mutt, as well.