Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh Canada!

In an effort to be a be a little more worldly, I recently subscribed to a few international newspapers, one of those being The Globe and Mail. I don't exactly have time to read all the papers in a morning, so I generally pick a paper per day and get up nice and early to read it before work. 

Wednesday's are The Globe and Mail days, so imagine my surprise as I'm flipping page by page and all of a sudden the familiar face of Mutt's favorite fashionista, Miss Rachel Mara, is staring at me. Life couldn't be more perfect, because the article is a perfect segue into today's blog post. 
Today is all about Rachel Mara. You see, over the past couple weeks Rachel has been receiving a lot of coverage (read more articles about her here, here, here, here and here,  and watch her on Breakfast Television Toronto and CHCH Morning Live) for her participation in the LG Fashion Week in Toronto.  

We're all terribly excited for Rachel and wish her the best tonight (you can stream the coverage here, her show starts at 8pm Toronto time, 6pm Portland time).

And finally, for those of you who won't be able to catch the coverage, peep Mutt's latest creative venture for Rachel Mara's 2011 Spring line. 

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