Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Hibernator

Scott Cromer, age 5, wondering how a bear is so lucky to be able to take naps.
In addition to thick manes of hair and intimidating size, Bears and I have a lot in common. Another one of these commonalities is impressive sleeping abilities. Last night I went home and passed out on my bed after eating half a sandwich and a warm bowl of vegetable soup. I've been illy lately, and as a result i've been exhausted. Anyway, I took a four-hour nap and then woke up around 11 and thought, "man am I glad I'm not Scott Cromer."

See, to start, Herr Cromer probably couldn't nap for four hours if his life depended on it. And second, if he could, he'd have no chance at sleeping through the night. He doesn't have it as bad as some, but he's pretty much an insomniac, which goes a long way in explaining his severe mood swings.

But my name isn't Scott Cromer, it's David Zavertnik and I am the Hibernator. So twelve hours later, after I woke up from my second sleep for the evening, I thought more about sleeping - specifically, those of us at the office who love to sleep. Have you ever seen a sleeping Mutt?
Beauvais sleeps on his back

Nick is a chair-sleeper

Scott prefers his stomach and the comfort of his laptop

Luker's a stomach sleeper but requires ultimate comfort.
I have yet to witness the sleeping patterns of Mike McCommon or Damien Webb, but I promise to keep you posted with any developments.

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megan pants said...

Thank you for sharing the sleeping mutts. This looks like good research for a study on sleep and creativity.