Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is Damien and he is sad. After a night of dominating the first few rounds of the World Cup as the United States, he found himself (and his teammate Nick) pitted against number one Brazil for the final game. Today was the playoff and if you can't tell by his expression, they lost. Not only that, this was taken after their second attempt.

Here you see a failed slide tackle by the duo....Two-time losers, Damien and Nick, are about to drown their sorrows in potato chips and Paciugo mechanicals. Keep them in your thoughts dear readers.

On a side-note, today is your luck day, you could say you've found the golden ticket. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a synopsis of Nick Clines dream from last night:

"I dreamt that Brad Pitt was being slaughtered by a mob for people with swords and machetes, while I was dragging him through a fortress made entirely of ground beef patties."

I'm currently seeking illustrators who would like to work together to create a visual representation. I'm also seeking psychologists who would be willing to help Nick through some of his aggression towards celebrities.

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