Saturday, October 31, 2009

EiEi Yoga

I've been on a yoga high since the beginning of the year. I had a twice-weekly yoga class that I frequented regularly and by mid-June I was fully centered and five times as flexible. But with the move and recent hire I haven't had a chance to find anything comparable to Michelle's 8:30 am Hatha Hour.

It's been over four months and needless to say I'm getting ansy (and stiff). I asked around and struck up a conversation with Partner Chromeo and Nicky Fresh on the subject. The two are quite the yoga connoisseurs and shared a great deal of knowledge regarding Northwest Yoga trends. They suggested a few places around town and insisted I check out a guy named Yogi Okie Dokie, with Cromer saying he's been training with him for decades, as an outside training source.

I was sent home with nothing less than an old VHS with EiEi Yoga plastered on the top and the promise that I'd be back to being fit in no time. Once home I popped in the tape. Rather than express my reactions, I'd rather you explore yours. Here's an excerpt....


Mrs. Okie Dokie, Robin Maxwell, very politely asked that we take down the video of her husband and we here at Mutt are happy to oblige. So instead of the video here is a link to an article about the video with an excerpt from Mrs. Dokie herself.

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