Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, you were not forgotten.

I arrived at Mutt shortly before the 9:45 mark on account of mad traffic on US-26 and I-5. I've been commuting into Portland for the past three and a half months and every morning I die a little bit more inside. You see, morning commuters are horrible drivers. I'm at my wit's end not to slap someone. (A little sidenote: if you google "at my wit's end" you get a lot of really sad family and life counseling websites).

I'd like to be a little bit more friendly to the environment and use the MAX and my bike but winter is fast approaching and biking in the rain is a chore. So for now I commute via the automobile and I clock in around 40+ minutes in the morning. Today it was closer to an hour and some change because the roads were wet and people forget how to drive when the pavement is moist, they run right into each other.

I digress, the point is coming up. I got into work and needed to relax. In the Zavertnik family relaxing is expressed most frequently through binge cleaning (I promise it works). So I organized my table and unwound. I upgraded chairs too. Anyway, now my space looks legit.

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