Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh, Portland.

How you've hurt me. I've spent the last four or so months wandering around Portland whilst running errands, or trying to grab a bite to eat, and for the most part I've been loving it. But today one thing hit me: I get lost a lot. It's not even my fault, you see, Portland (supposedly well known for its city planning) has a lot of these things:
And they're annoying. Just today I found myself on the wrong end of more than a few one way streets. And every time I wanted so badly to cheat it, alas, I've had enough conversations with local police officers for the time being.

I'm all for controlling traffic fact, I would LOVE to control the traffic, but these one-way streets are killing me.

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Mutt said...

Z, please be careful out there. We need you.