Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why November

You've snuck up on me. October was a month amongst months and we here at Mutt are sad to see it go. I've got to catch you all up on a few things. The last of October brought the highlight event of the season, the Moulé Fall Fashion Show. Our good friends (and wonderful client) Moulé hosted an evening of ghoulish (see the Halloween pun there?) -ly good times. The inspiration for this season's show were the Cullens of the world.

That's a vampire reference for the rest of you. S
et to a gothic vampire theme, we here at Mutt were asked to produce the visual aesthetic for the event on behalf Ms. Rachel Gorenstein and her tribe of Moulé Fashionistas.

We'll have a video up here in the near future that documents the entire evening, but to give those of you non-attendees an idea of what happened, we have some pictures to share. As you can see, we all had quite a good time.

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