Monday, November 23, 2009

Clean Up On Aisle Your Team

Mutt has received a face-lift. Today the partners and Mr. Beauvais were hard at work rearranging and organizing Mutt Headquarters. And may I say, It's like a whole new office. Kudos boys.
Onto something completely unrelated to the office. This weekend I hung out with some old friends. One night we headed over to McMenamin's Back Stage Bar and played pool and drank beer. By the time we started our second game I was feeling fairly confident in my game, not to mention my teammate had taken billiards in school. I bet a round on the following game. I thought we'd clean up and then HAZAH! we'd get a free pint of beer.

Cut to twenty minutes and a sad David Z later and you'll see that my buddies had pulled a fast one on me. They didn't tell me that they too were well versed in billiards and do, on occasion, win games when bets are on the table. And that's where today's title came from, miss Reardon uttered it as I walked to the bar to get her a beer- a free beer.

Good story, right?

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