Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fabian's Story

Mutt Industries World Headquarters is home to an interesting and eclectic group of small businesses, artists and storage units, all of whom are worth getting to know. They've all got stories and histories that have already dropped

This is Fabian Gordon.

Fabian owns and operates North West Imports and Liquidation. I sat down with him shortly after his birthday (September 30th) and asked him a series of random questions in an effort to learn a thing or two.

MUTT: Did you have a favorite stuffed animal growing up?

FG: Yeah, I had a lot of them. My father was a carnie when he was young. He left home when at 16 and went to work at a carnival. He worked his way up and owned the midway games, [Midway games are most of the games you imagine when you think of the carnival. Ring Toss, Test Your Strength and so on. They’re the ones that give you stuffed animals with a high enough score.] He also designed some toys for his games. So there were a lot around when I was a kid. My favorite was a penguin, and I took it with me in the bath, obviously I was too young to understand the plush toy conundrum. Needless to say the penguin didn’t last the experience….”

MUTT: Speaking of your dad, I hear he's kind of a big deal. What's his story?

FG: My father (Terry Gordon) is famous for being an innovator in adult entertainment. In his heyday he was known as the King of Tease in Las Vegas. He invented the Champagne Room.

The story behind it was this: Terry Gordon was vilified in Las Vegas to the point where he wasn’t allowed to possess a license for anything “privileged” like alcohol. So he got a deal with a supplier in Australia that produced non-alcoholic champagne and imported a grip of it. Then he’d wash the labels off and replace them with expensive champagne labels, or knock-off’s of expensive champagne labels. They’d sell it at expensive champagne prices and no one knew.

But there was no sex in the Champagne Room.

Oh and his brother was Jack Gordon who was married for a while to Latoya Jackson. So, Jack was married Latoya who is Michael Jackson’s sister. And Michael was married to Lisa Marie Pressley, so I was, for a stint, related to Elvis Presley...

To keep this interesting for everyone we're going to end there today. Check back soon for more from the Fabian Chronicles.

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michael said...

hi david, mutt's address is actually #2004, not #204. this is a great relief to me and mona. we were wondering where all our new business prospects were going.