Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anybody know this guy?

Forgive our impulse to lash out when things don’t go our way. But an interloper named Ulysses has been slinking around our site, flapping his gums about our name and messing for trouble. To our intensely loyal audience, I’ll say this—Mutt respects any and all comments, as long as they’re super complimentary. But if you wanna play it like Ulysses, and sling mud behind some pretentious digital alias, then prepare for the worst. Mutt bites. And more importantly, Mutt has access to the most proprietary Google technology.

1 comment:

semaphoria said...

nope. never met him. but wow... it's good to know that scotty mcluker are ready to tackle the trolls. i feel safer already. ;-)