Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Because Zed Needs Me.

There's been a lot of chirping about me dumping this critically acclaimed blog in favor of more serious, adult responsibilities. I realize transition can be difficult for some people. Especially for crusty jackasses like this who haven't a clue about the angst and sexual confusion many Millennials are experiencing today. As a wise yet sensitive Gen X'er, I can feel the hurt in Young Zed's voice when he ticks off the debilitating scars suffered from yet another vodka-soaked weekend of hapless hipsters, whiny music and midgets. It's my job to console the young people, especially when they're as impressionable as Young Zed. As for my haters, I suggest you buy a family-pack of Pop Tarts and zip it. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go apply lotion to my recently bronzed torso.

PS--What an absurdly precious, self-important FB picture. I mean, really?

1 comment:

Ulysses said...

Your blog smells like farts and beer bottles full of cigarette butts. Welcome back Cromer!