Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mutt Delivers

As a startup agency, we here at Mutt have some interesting opportunities available to us, specifically, we can be whatever we want to be. We tell people we are a full service agency but sometimes I'm not sure they understand what i mean by "full-service." You see the employees of Mutt Industries have wide-spreading passions that lead us to pursue some non-traditional ventures. Take for example Mutt Daycare™. Rumors say it'll be opening doors mid-June. Or the nearly platinum-hit success story of To and Afro. Rest in peace. And who could forget the Mutt Dance Academy™ chock full of imported professors of dance?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Mutt has a new secret weapon, and its faster than the internet. Well, almost, but once we get the paperwork through the patent office, our Mutt Rocket Boots™ will definitely will be lightning quick. Prepare to feast your eyes on the wave of the future.

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