Friday, January 29, 2010

Sorry Friends

It's Friday, but you haven't even heard about our week! So ein mist! Well, I'm here to correct that for you. We've had quite a January Finale here at 215 SE Morrison Suite #2004 (please address all baked good to Mr. David Zavertnik).

The highlights go something like this -->

Monday was apparently very forgettable.

Tuesday was Cromer's Geburtstag. (Why so much Deustch, you ask? It must be the Lagunitas Pilsner speaking through me, and seeing as I don't know a lick of Czech, the closest thing I've come to is German.) Yes yes, it was Cromer's forty-first birthday and if you haven't wished him well, you ought to. So here's to Cromer and his long-lasting health- thank you Yoga...
On Wednesday, the Mac-attack dropped the iPad and we here in the studio giggled for about half of the day. I personally would have loved to have been in the creative presentation for that one. "See, it's a tablet but we've got a cooler name than iTablet. Introducing the iPad." And everyone clapped and pocketed millions of dollars. We'd like to jump on that wagon. Introducing the iPad Trousers....
Although it took the pilot two attempts at a landing, Thursday took one-half of the Mutt party south to the birthplace of the hyphy movement, Oakland, California. Represent. Unfortunately the Pac-Ten tour omitted some of the finer cultural events... All is well though, I hear they had a few hours to kill before they left so I'm willing to bet Webb showed them the streets. In fact, I think we might see a reincarnation of To and Afro in the near future!

But the highest highlight of the week, save Cromer's birthday festivities, has to be today's visit from our Sambazon friend, Jeremy, who not only brought his smiling Southern California grin, but a grip of purple power in a bottle. Just look at us now- Mutt has never been so healthy...
Have a good weekend, friends, family and loved ones. Until next time, this is Captain Z, signing off.

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