Monday, January 25, 2010

Mudd Industries, Take Seven

Mutt had quite an adventure this weekend. While you were cuddled up under your warm Pendelton watching the future of football unfold before your eyes**, a few busloads of dedicated Portland Creatives worked all Sunday in the pouring rain. It's important to note that while you may not have been looking outside your windows, that rain did not let up for a minute all afternoon.

**sidenote: Damien has guaranteed me that the Saints will be winning the Super Bowl this year. He says he traveled in time to find out. Place your bets now.

This was my first official shoot as a Mutt and as a human being and it was incredible. I'm told it was maybe one of the worst situations I'll ever experience in the world of advertising but I cannot begin to image how the good ones turn out. The amount of dedication shown, both on the side of our talented staff and mother nature, was staggering. Everyone absolutely killed it.

Not only are we in a lake of mud, we're also getting drilled by freezing cold buckets of water.

And there's our fearless client, Lee Gargis, Veteran Coke Executive and overall badass. Nick is stoked to have stood next to him.

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