Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ever hear the one about the Extreme Nurse?

Holy bear crap, creating a website takes time (insert arrogant scoff from digital “expert” here). It’s the same old culprits—us wanting to show too much work, us being obsessive-compulsive, Steve throwing unnecessary tantrums. But screw it—we’re having fun and we want it to be cool. For those of you who are starting to fret*, just imagine how awesome it’s going to be in two weeks when you're dipping and diving around our site like a digital Jacques Cousteau. Oh, and btw…I realize the Extreme Nurse headline has nothing to do with this piece. That’s because I’ve created what we in advertising call a “teaser”…an intentionally ambiguous nugget from our website that, without context, makes you pee yourself with excitement.

*Hi mom.


Sudeep said...

Fuck me!

A black president in the white house and a new website from you boys in the same year!!!

I think I speak for many when I say "...our work is done..."

Mutt said...

amen brother. gonna go on the record and say the website is more miraculous. you ready to Skype tonight. i miss you.

LD said...

did you really just ask Sudeep if he's "ready to skype tonight"? Oh my little Mutt, what hath become of you?