Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Return of Ra.

I’m trying real hard to be nice in 2009. But sometimes it’s not easy. Like this morning when my partner, Sun God Luker, shuffled into the office sporting this ridiculous tan. I was in the middle of some serious concepting (of course) when Steve launched into several Moby Dick-length stories about his trip to Acapulco. Apparently Steve never got the memo that Mutt was going to stay open over the holiday. I listened respectfully to his stories about the cheap “cerveza fria”, then calmly explained that my holiday consisted of chains, egg salad and advertising emergencies. To which he responded, “Well, menos tias anyways”. Uh, that’s buenos dias Steve.

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LD said...

Are you sure you guys left W+K? These stories are starting to sound awfully familiar.