Monday, January 5, 2009

Ya'll Ready for This?

Our much anticipated “opening” is only 40 days away. For those of you keeping score that’s February 14th, a.k.a Valentine’s Day. The plan is to invite our dearest friends to the Mutt den and party our fury heads off. Some of you may be wondering, Wait, aren’t you already open for business? Well, it’s not that simple. Anticipating we’d be busy as hell in the early days, we (wisely) decided to work with no more than two clients. But now that we’ve got our proverbial shit together, we’re ready to dance with multiple partners. Who that is remains to be seen (which is exciting and terrifying as hell).

1 comment:

LD said...

Wow, nice to see where Luker got his fashion sense - now if you could just find those old gloves you'll be ready to rock-it on V-Day.