Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanks But No Thanks.

Dave Luhr is a good friend of ours. And a very wealthy man. So wealthy that he wants to invest his sizable booty in Mutt. We met today to discuss Living Large Luhr (L3), Dave's new VC company here in Portland. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well. While we respect Dave’s business acumen, his demands were a bit outlandish. Call us crazy, but we’re just not prepared to give Dave final say over our creative product. We wish Living Large the best of luck. And pray that Dave’s aching back heals quickly.

Dave, prior to lunch.

Dave, reacting to the bad news.


LD said...

Damn Cromer, you're starting to look a lot like Luker. As for Luhr, he's a thin man livin' large.

Mutt said...

i have no idea what that means LD. and if you keep acting LD, i'm gonna cut you down like i done in the Coke quad.

LD said...

I have no idea what that means SC, and if you keep acting SL strange things will happen.

Mutt said...

I don't feel comfortable feuding in public, LD. Perhaps we should take this offline, where we can discuss your "issues" man-to-man.