Friday, January 23, 2009

Quien es Mamacita?

There has been quite a stir about our newest follower, Mamacita. Where did she come from? Is she bankrolling Mutt? Is she currently in a relationship? The short answer is, she’s my mom and she’s pretty awesome. That’s her up there holding my niece. Lots of folks say I look just like her. While I’m honored by the compliment (after all, she’s a beautiful woman), it kind of creeps me out to be told I look like my mom. So let’s stop talking about it. Anyway, my mom has become something of a spiritual leader for Mutt. Someone we can turn to for advice, guidance, support (basically, anything but money). Someone who is utterly confused by this blog and thinks we should start getting some real work done. We love ya Ma, and look forward to the day where we can buy you that pink Cadillac you’ve always wanted.


Sudeep said...

You do look like your mum (and with all due respect to your mum) - that isn't a good thing!

You are meant to be a grown MAN - strong, responsible and virile.

Mutt said...

with all due respect to you Mr. Sudeep, we don't refer to our mothers as "mum" here in America. we have more respect for our women than that.