Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quick, open a window.

So we had an unexpected visitor today. His name is Reality, and he’s not very nice. I was doing my pie-in-the-sky thing with Steve this morning, giddy that we were together again slaying windmills. And then Reality burst into the room, and started grilling us about money and how we were going to attract new clients. My first reaction was to tell Reality to chill out. “I got it tough guy, don’t worry”, I said. Then I quickly discovered I don’t know shit, and I suddenly felt as though Fenske was lying on top of me. Welcome to the emotional roller coaster that is Mutt. Holy crap this is going to be hard. Now excuse me while I consult with my therapist.


Anonymous said...

Reality does suck. perception of reality can suck even worse -- so beware of perception my friend.

Mutt said...

well said CAW. applies to our country, and not just Mutt.