Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.

To ensure that we’re being productive, Steve asked that I provide a summary of our week. So here it goes: on Monday I removed a thorn from my middle finger. The injury occurred during a grueling hike last weekend. Little thorny bastard burrowed himself deep in my digit, and then couldn’t get out. Fortunately my white blood cells weren’t having it, and they took said thorn to task. Turned my finger greener than a major league infield. Not to worry though…my olive skin returned within minutes. Let’s see, what else…I got a haircut this afternoon (and now I look like a little boy with lots of gray hair). Also watched Paige clean the refrigerator. I know, I know...I was supposed to do that three months ago. But she just beat me to the punch today, plain and simple. Okay, that’s about it Steve…you feeling better now?

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