Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lee Luhr Just Got Played.

I’ve been lucky to learn from the best. And in my humble opinion, no one in this business can hold a candle to Lee Davis and Dave Luhr (which is Lee Luhr and Dave Davis mixed up). Many years ago, when I was part of the big-agency business, these two had no rivals. And I learned a ton from them (in spite of my strategic upbringing). But after trading tricks-of-the-trade via email with these two “legends”, it’s pretty clear that today they’re not on my level. I won’t divulge the details of our conversation, but let’s just say that Lee Luhr came across as big, brawny and boisterous. And in contrast, I performed like a goddamn cheetah. One thing Lee Luhr hasn’t learned is that, in this new world, there’s no need to collaborate or play nice. What’s needed is an account man who will crack heads, spill blood and then freelance someone to pick it up.

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