Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Observations from Flight #1282.

1. The most common passenger on a plane is a crying baby.
2. Steve sleeps like a princess.
3. Male flight attendants often wear goatees.
4. Our flight attendant, Corey, has a very unsightly goatee.
5. My favorite songs sound even better when flying.
6. The guy turned around in his seat the whole flight needs to be beaten when we land.
7. It's time to replace beverage carts with Mexican taco vendors.
8. Mike looks uncomfortable without a drink in his hand.
9. Printed shirts with sunsets and cacti are so bad they’re good.
10. Weezer is awesome.


LD said...

It doesn't feel like you guys have been gone that long, but I have to say Luker has really changed.

alison said...

sounds like you have a crush on Luker, LD.

alison said...

sounds like someone hacked my computer, LD.