Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poster for a Poster.

So we have an exciting new offer for everyone out there in Mutt Land. This morning we discovered a surplus of 52 Mutt concert posters (see above). For those who missed our Rainy Season ’09 Tour, these bad boys were the talk of the town. And now, beloved mutts, they can be yours for…....a small cost. As we’ve reiterated numerous times in this blog, nothing in life or advertising is free (except for Mutt's time and services). So here’s the hook: if you create your own poster and mail or drop it off at the address below, we will in turn mail you a free Mutt tour poster (no strings attached). Thanks for playing. And please know, if/when you send us your masterpiece we will do everything in our goddamn power to make you famous.

Please send posters to: Mutt Industries, 215 SE Morrison, Suite #2004, Portland, OR 97214

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