Friday, September 25, 2009

Beep Beep Baby

There are certain people in the world that love trains. Our man DB is one of them, so much so that when we visited the local hobby shop he finagled a private viewing of the owners personal train set for himself, me and mike.

This was frankly one of the most bizarre and uncomfortable situations I've ever been in. We were taken into the basement of the hobby shop, beyond a locked door into a giant room of a train set. It filled the basement wall to wall with a hobby I never quite understood. I'm not so much in to the analog Sim City 3000.

And we stayed there for at least thirty minutes while the this guy ranted about his family's train set-up.

Apparently on Saturday's the old boys (his pop and his friends) make their way down to "do work (but really they just come to run the set)" as Billy here explained. He pointed to about five seats in the middle of the train set and told us they sat there and watched while he ran the store upstairs. And in a bin next to the chairs were not beer bottles, or even a bong as one might expect, instead is was teaming with empty coke cans. One of the Saturdays you'll have to join me for one of their ragers.

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