Friday, September 11, 2009


It's been two days since Luck left us and they've sent another update.

That means they're two up on our LA brothers. Which means Scott and Mike haven't been reading the blog. Because I'm sure they wouldn't completely ignore a simple request for updates. There is no way....

So, my two more considerate Mutt compadres would like to share something with you. It's called, "A Sad Story" and it was shot by our photographer Adrian Gault.

Indeed a very sad story, Adrian. It's especially sad since I've never had the privilege to eat any paciugo gelato. My heart weeps. But friends, it gets better. I've got another piece of media for you all to view.

Let me set this one up:

This is half of Luck, the younger portion, and his name is Nick Cline. He's 29 years old and has an irrational fear of miniature things.

It all started back in the fourth grade when he wanted a miniature pony for his end of the school year celebration/birthday party. His parents were gracious and accommodated his wishes, in fact, they one upped them and got him a miniature Pinscher, much like this one, as a present. It began wonderfully and all the kids from Nick's fourth grade class were wetting themselves silly, they were so happy. But things turned sour a few hours into the celebration when Polly, the miniature pony, took a turn for the worse. It just so happens that Polly had been sick for some time and was probably unfit for the excitement of 35 ten year-old kids. But business at Mikes Miniature Pony World was booming and he couldn't get another pony to cover for the party. So, there she was, Polly, sickly as she was, giving Nick and all of his friends rides across the backyard. Nick had the last go before Polly finished for the day, but just as his pony-back ride came to an end, poor Polly collapsed. She had a heart-attack, common among the miniature pony community, and died. To make matters worse, when she fell Polly collapsed directly onto Nick's birthday gift, Marx the miniature pinscher. It was tragic, all the kids began crying and Nick's older sister took full advantage of the situation.


Needless to say, Nick was crushed. Not literally of course, he luckily escaped the fate of his little animal friends. But he was a mess. He cried for weeks and manifested his fears of killing the animals into an overall fear of miniature things. It's called microphobia and it's a serious matter.

So you can imagine how difficult a shoot with gelato and their miniature tasting spoons might be for such a tortured soul. Just look at how he took it.

It could be that he hasn't told anyone else about the incident with Polly, or he did and they took full advantage of it. We'll have to ask Big Bear McLuker for further details on the crisis in Dallas.

Hope you all have a swell weekend. I'll see you Monday.

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