Monday, September 14, 2009

My Posts Be Sweet Like Honey

I've been told my last few posts have been too long. Excuse me for trying to tell a story, I'll try to keep it short and sweet this time.

I was surfing the Interweb looking for a hamster I could rent for a few hours, when I was interrupted by my personal chef Jean-Paul, wondering when I'd be in for the evening's feast. I told him it would probably be an earlier night, and he could expect me around six.

He then passed the phone over to my butler Astor who told me my image from this month's Vanity Fair was in. So ladies and gents, I'd love to give you a sneak preview.

The title will go something like, "Z is for Zeal, Zen and Zavertnik." I wore my Navy Blues to add a bit of class- I'm no slob.

Night folks.

1 comment:

Mutt said...

is that what happens when we leave the den? you go surfing for hamsters? haven't you learned anything by now Z....Beauvais has a whole heard of 'em in his lunch pail.