Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Gonna have to interrupt Z's kind and thoughtful musings for a moment. Just found out, via email, that our account guy scheduled a 9 am meeting tomorrow morning. A lot of bad things are storming around my brain right now but I do know this: Dave is either (a) smoking crack again (b) trying to mommy me (c) suffering early onset hepatitis B (d) looking for a new job (e) all of the god darn above. Holy salmon steak. Where is Lee Davis when you need him? I'm so frustrated right now that I'm gonna lay my head down and actually try to make that meeting, just to prove to David B. that I'm a professional and that can't nobody mommy me.


DR Beauvais said...

Scott is:
a) looking to get his ass kicked
b) hellbent on proving how lazy he is
c) dumb enough to think a 9 AM client meeting is somehow equivalent to a 6 AM flight
d) trying to convince David he should take another job
e) all of the above

Mutt said...