Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am Immune (the working title)

Sorry folks, no fresh news on the porno front. But I've got some exciting content on the hamster front. I'm sure you remember a few posts about my frantic hamster hunt. Well, here's how that story finished: I did buy a hamster and I gave it the time of its life.

See there? If I had given you a proper pause (impossible via the blog) you might suspect the little guy died during filming. But fear not! No hamsters were harmed during filming. Instead, little Luker got a chance to explore the streets of Southeast Portland.

My feet (and entire body) made a special appearance a few times.

That hamster is going to have stories to tell to it's little grandkids. He'll speak of the giants from Mutt who taught him how to be a baller.

I'm too clever.

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