Monday, February 2, 2009

Blast(s) from the Past.

I have a tendency to get on my high horse about advertising, and obsess over the unseemly aspects of our industry (see He Hate Me post). But if not for advertising, I would never have met two of the coolest cats on the planet—Alberto Escobedo and Sudeep Gohil. Had the pleasure of crossing paths with both this weekend—one in person and one virtually. That’s Sudeep and his beautiful wife Estelle (and their new baby Leela). Sudeep was my old boss at Wieden, though I use that term loosely—we all know Cricket was really running the show. As for Alberto, he’s got a big-time job at Sony but it hasn’t changed him one bit. He’s probably the most stand-up dude I’ve ever met. Great to see ya fellas…Mutt love you long time.

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Sudeep said...

Nice... Great to chat with you guys at Mutt Industries too. Looking forward to seeing you real soon in PDX!