Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mutt Seeking Mascot.

I love mascots—especially ones with a little attitude. When a mascot throws down with another mascot and/or gets tossed from a game, I think it’s one of the greatest moments in sport. There’s something bewildering and oddly upsetting about a guy dressed in a kid’s costume acting like a complete lunatic in front of thousands of people. Check out Sammy the Owl above. He didn’t care for how this game was being officiated, so he took matters into his own hands (wings). And after getting bounced, he apparently went apeshit in the locker room and tore up the joint (to the tune of $10,000). Now I don’t want this guy trashing our expensive tables. But I sure wouldn’t mind having him around to stir the pot when things aren’t going Mutt’s way.

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