Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hey, Good Lookin'.

To run a small business you need to be able to provide tough answers to tough questions, such as what is your mission, what makes you special and what musician would you invite to your holiday party? Though we’ve struggled recently to answer the first two questions, let there be no mistake about the latter—it’s Hank Williams Sr.. I realize Hank Sr. is dead, and that we’d have a hard time getting him out here to Portland. But I just know that if/when Mutt needed to rock Christmas or Labor Day, the Drifting Cowboy would turn our studio into a five-alarm fire. I have this image of Hank Sr. and Mike hanging out in our bathroom, just before Hank’s set. They’re drinking whiskey from a bottle, and Mike cracks a smart-ass joke and Hank Sr. blows a gasket. Before you know it, the two are wrastlin' on the piss-soaked floor screaming like a couple rabid coons.

PS--Ulysses, Hank Williams Sr. was a seminal country musician.

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