Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lee Davis is a Bad Father.

Mutt received a couple interesting posts yesterday. One good, one not-so-good. As is our policy, let’s start with the bad. Apparently Lee Davis, aka LD, was miffed that Mutt coronated its birth with an expensive dinner party. He argued, quite ignorantly, that Mutt needed to spend less time partying and more time mining new biz. To be honest LD, your words are absurd. And more importantly, how dare you tell a newborn infant to “stop laying around and get to work”. For cirssakes, we’re still covered in placenta. Anyway, after reading LD’s hurtful words I posted a photo of the two of us at Advertising Camp. It’s a pleasant reminder of a time when Lee acted as a father-figure, and helped steer me away from evil things like vodka and Xanax.


LD said...

What is "cirssakes"?

Anonymous said...

HA! I love it. And hey, that xanax saves lives - if you need it that is. If you don't, well then yeah it'll probably be trouble ;)