Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh, woops.

About a year ago, renowned Portland DJ and radio personality Ulysses Kelley gave me a beater turntable as a symbol of his affection. I was very moved at the time, so much so that I loaned the turntable to a colleague at work. Being the sensitive soul that he is, Mr. Ulysses was very upset by my altruistic act. So he stole the turntable and gave it to another friend, without telling me. Months later, upon realizing he had acted selfishly, Ulysses returned his “gift” and apologized profusely for his rash behavior. Now, I’m sorry to admit, the turntable is broken. On my way to the den last week, I cut a corner too quickly and the thing busted into a million pieces. So, and I say this without recrimination…Ulysses, would you remind replacing our turntable with one that works?

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Ulysses said...

Jesus. This makes me want to kick a dog.