Monday, February 2, 2009

How Bout Dim Stihlers?

Our take on last night’s Super Bowl? Great game, horrible ads. I was stoked to see Big Ben win his second ring. He went to college in my hometown (O-Town, represent). Plus my best friend is a huge Stihlers fan, so I know he had a big night. As for the ads…yawn, grumble, gag. My mom just told me that two dudes from rural Indiana submitted those Doritos ads as part of a contest and are currently being hailed as the best creatives in America. That’s awesome. At first I was skeptical about the USA Today results. Then I remembered the bar last night, and seeing the reaction of Johnny Commoner—the guffaws and giggles every time somebody got racked in the balls, the dewy eyes any time a Clydesdale trotted on screen. The whole scene was as inspiring as my soggy nachos. Regardless, I learned an important lesson last night. As the great copywriter Albert Einstein once quipped, “Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

PS-Had to take down that "Big Ben" pic. Was making my stomach turn.

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