Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Burfday to Mutt.

In perhaps the most anticlimactic news in advertising history, Mutt is now officially open for business. The christening took place at 10:13 pm Saturday evening, in Steve and Rachel's kitchen. You may be wondering, why did we celebrate Mutt’s birthday with candles? After all, aren’t we zero? That’s a fair question. But it’s also kind of dumb and insensitive. We’re (still) trying to celebrate here, so pipe down Einstein. Fortunately for Mutt, no one got hammered and/or fell into the fireplace. Highlights from the evening included an inspired, lip-quivering toast from Steve and a heated debate about adolescent blow-jobs. Here are a few other pics:

Our spray-painted tablecloth, which compromised the aroma of my food.

The ladies discussing their back-up plan.

Where's the iron lung when you need it?

Steve, officially off the wagon.


LD said...

slow news day over at Mutt I guess - why else would one resort to making up random birthday's? And "Zero"? That's a bottle of champagne for the parents not a party for the kids - all you're supposed to do is cry, sleep and wet yourself.

Somebody please hire these guys so they can get to work - they're really good once they get going - I promise.

Mutt said...

is this how you treat your kids on their birthday, LD? why don't you stop bitching and hook us up with some Heineken schwag already.