Monday, February 2, 2009

Long Weekend Luker.

So Steve had an interesting day. It started with an early morning meeting at Teague, which Steve volunteered to attend in person (because he was vacationing this weekend in Seattle). Much to our surprise, Steve was quite delightful on the call and never once lost his composure (even as the team repeatedly shot down his ideas). Anyway, following our 25-minute meeting Steve telephoned Mutt and informed us that he would “rush home” because “there’s a lot to do right now”. Mike and I were very pleased by Steve’s enthusiasm, and we rolled up our sleeves and dove into the day’s work. Cut to five hours later where, in the midst of an amazing brainstorm session, Mike and I are rudely interrupted by back-to-back phone calls. It’s Steve, and in a very relaxed tone he says: “Hey guy, about halfway there…don’t think I’m coming into the office. It’s been a long day.” Word.

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