Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It’s important to stay hydrated at work. Especially when you’re as active as I am. When my cells are sufficiently hydrated, my strategic thinking is off the charts. And when I’m pouring tanks of liquid down my throat with this rugged Vietnam-era canteen, I feel like a man. Granted, I may not be making much of a fashion statement, but at least I’m thinking about my child’s future. Apparently, this is of no importance to my plastic-cup using partners.


Ulysses said...

When are you going to lay down some profound insights? I'm starting to wonder if you have any. Not sure why i keep reading this blog. You're no Russell Davies.

LD said...

Wow. Strong words from the mighty Ulysses. But also quite poignant. What once was a place filled with truly useful insights into the world of communications and culture seems to have eroded into a self-help forum for both the author and his followers...which, in reality is far more practical. And from what I can see by those making comments it's also pretty fucking useful and far more insightful than anything coming out of the UK.